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Takeover: jordanjabroni Part II- He's Back... With A Vengeance
June 02, 2016 09:55 AM PDT
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Fab Towers are once again taken over by gamefaceshow.com writer and gaming god, jordanjabroni [ say hi to him here https://twitter.com/jordanjabroni ]. Auracle [ https://twitter.com/AuracleDMG ] and Graeme [ https://twitter.com/graemebooth ] are along for a journey into Gaming News, Synthwave, Chiptune and our darkest desires.


Shirobon – I Would Die 4 U (Prince Cover)

Stephen Root – Alien Trilogy (Main Theme)

Diana Gitallog & Nightcrawler – The Legacy
@DianaGitallog, @GeorgeGold79


Cobra Copter – Ninja Destiny

sakata-cc – Gold Ore

Hatsune Miku x Anamanaguchi - MIKU
request by @AuracleDMG

Nemix – City 2084

2mg - t-m!nü5 zヨrø


John Carpenter – Escape From New York (Live)

Akira Yamaoka – Promise (Silent Hill 2)

Mintorment – Pleasure of Tension (Snatcher) Remix

Skybox – Stardust

Mega Ran - Infinite Lives (feat. D&D Sluggers)
@MegaRan - Request for @CorvsL98

Drugbite - Neon
@drugbite - request for @DunningK_Music

The Black Mages - The Skies Above (FFX)
Request for @BeinKemen

Norrin Radd - Paradoxes Are Unveiled
request for @calmdownkidder

Trash80 - Sidk fnck
@trash80 - request by @thegeekbeat

David Hasselhoff – True Survivor
@DavidHasselhoff, @mitch_murder

Jamchester and ChipBattles 4: GameFace reports in
May 31, 2016 03:19 AM PDT
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We had an insanely packed weekend with the team splintering across the the UK's biggest professional games jam and Fab Radio International's first ever musical showcase at Band On The Wall, where we held ChipBattles 4; HarleyLikesMusic vs Auracle.

Jamchester was presented by Gameopolis [ http://gameopolis.org.uk/ ] & Hack Manchester [ http://www.hackmanchester.com/ ]
You can browse, play and comments on the submissions here [ http://jamchester.devpost.com/submissions ]
We loved the talk given by Joe Nash of Improbable IO [ https://improbable.io/ ] and Flat Heroes instantly won us over, we WILL be lovingly previewing this game as soon as possible. [ https://madewith.unity.com/games/flat-heroes ]

Keep an eye on our latest release here [ http://www.gamefaceshow.com/chipbattles/ ]Please subscribe to our YouTube. The more followers we have the better the venues and match ups we can achieve.

A Bunch Of 5

Retro Joe and ChipBattles 2
May 19, 2016 04:59 AM PDT
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We finally get to meet Retro Joe this week [ https://twitter.com/retr0joe ]. He joined the Gamefam for the first time ever and he was so lovely we'll do our best to get him back soon.
Big topic of the evening is remakes & remasters and everyone, including the live listeners, had plenty to say.
The two charities Joe mentions can be found here https://twitter.com/video_game_mind and here getwellgamers.org.uk

Love to you all. See you at the next ChipBattles http://www.gamefaceshow.com/chipbattles/

Grumpy Guide To Fair Use
May 04, 2016 11:25 AM PDT
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This week Graeme is super grumpy so he's joined by both Sunday Stephen and Auracle. They unleash a joyous playlist onto him whilst you, our faithful listeners, assault our Twitter with good vibes and smiles. By the conclusion Graeme comes round and joins in with the love. Our main topics of focus this week are Nintendo, Fair Use & our recent idea of an International Day Of Chiptune.



Lavender Harmony - Fireflies (Chiptune Owl City remix)
Shining Force 2 - Wandering Warriors
Virtual Riot - Mittens Is Angry
HarleyLikesMusic - Get The Bleach
EH!DE + YourFuckingMother - Pocket Monsters
EH!DE - Cosmic Cat
Balloonbear feat. Dire Hit - Loophole (2xAA remix)
Azazal - I Said Meow
Foxsky - To Zanarkand (FFX Dubstep remix)
Starbomb - Crasher Vania
Skyrim - Main Theme
Here Between You Me - Scorpio
Jamatar - Space Sounds
SomethingUnreal - Windows XP and 98 Music
Indigo's Child Do Chiptune - Roly Poly (T-Ara Cover)
Dunning Kruger - Monkey Ball Title Theme Remix
Ephixa - Overwatch Dubstep Remix
Mykah - Overwrite Future

jordanjabroni Talks 4k Consoles, Chipbatttles 3 & May's Releases
April 28, 2016 01:14 AM PDT
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Graeme is joined by jordanjabroni in a gaming focused episode of our live Fab Radio International show.

The summer games drought hasn't hit just yet with the month ahead looking to cater for all tastes. Discussed are Star Fox Zero (Apr 22), Battleborn (May 3), Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (May 10), Doom (May 13), & Mirror's Edge Catalyst (June 9).

We react to 4k gaming following the rumours of the Playstation Neo and bring news regarding The Division, SEGA's virtual console, EINDBAAS, Amazon Prime , and the Dark Souls Board Game.

Corvo and Sunday Stephen both call in to give us their reaction to ChipBattles 3, which happened the night before. Everyone is agreed it was great fun all round. 2xAA vs J3WEL wont be forgotten by anyone there any time soon and we can't wait to get the YouTube out to you.

If you want to get involved and shape the show we go out live 6pm to 9pm UK time. Listening and podcast can be found on our RADIO tab.

Get involved and get in touch


Prince – Let’s Go Crazy
Demoscene Time Machine – Satellite
Mega Ran – OP
HarleyLikesMusic – Generic Club Banger feat. V3xation
Shrimps – Nothing Compares 2 U
GwEm – Not The Devil
Joe Bleeps – Battlecharge
Kenobit – Before The Storm
Mizkai – Sugarhigh
George Clinton + Prince – We Can Funk
SuperMarioBro93 – Martin Garrix – Animals (LSDj cover)
2xAA – Get Away
Xyce – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Sadnes – Pictures of Matchstick Men

Curse Card Games & Chip Bit Day Excitement
April 22, 2016 11:29 AM PDT
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We have Sindar and Dunning Kruger in talking about their latest Curse Card Games project in association with Ludum Dare.

Follow them here

All the Twitter follows!

It's also the final show before the epic party which will be Chip Bit Day. GameFace will be the last act of the night, hosting a ChipBattles stand off between J3WEL and 2xAA. They both call in live to give us their perspective on the upcoming fight.


Check the lastest beef using #chipbattles

GameFace Loves Jamchester
March 24, 2016 01:08 AM PDT
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We catch up with Simon Smith [ https://twitter.com/vauncey ]founder of thumbfood [ https://twitter.com/thumbfood ] & Gameopolis [ https://twitter.com/gameopolisMCR. We're talking Jamchester the UK’s biggest ever game jam for professionals and is to take place in Manchester this May, bringing together more than 200 developers working within the industry across three days to create brand new games from the ground up.

You can get all the details with links to buy tickets on our website http://www.gamefaceshow.com/2016/04/jamchester-2016-simon-smith/

Bobby Murray joins us live for the first time to give us an eccentric teaser of the YouTube content he's helping with at the moment.

Gamergate also rears its ugly head once again, it's been so long but the Alison Rapp drama needed discussion.


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